Soulful & Sparkling



Look. You're one helluva smart cookie.

You're super caring. You're mega motivated, it's kiiiinda intimidating.

And to be honest: Life is humming along fairly well. You (finally) scored that secure 9-5 and you want for nothing. You’ve got a hubby you adore and a home-sweet-home that is (almost) too-cute-for-words (except when you try to DIY small repairs, of course). You’re doing all the right things - you care about the future of the planet, your health (you’ve nearly quit sugar, almost) but most of all you cherish your friends & family and genuinely want to be the BEST person you can be.

On the outside, you look pretty damn successful. There’s no denying you’ve got one FULL life. Only problem?


Your day to day routine? It's bland, it has no depth.

No color! No excitement!

  • You’ve traded your daydreaming - for harsh deadlines.
  • Your sketching - for a stable salary.
  • And your soul’s very mission - for the feeling of familiarity.

Things are... ho-hum. Dry. Dull.

You're left wondering, "Is this really all there is?"

Well... I assure you lady. There's SO much more.

Seriously. What if...

  • your “daily grind” became something beautiful; full of sweet, simple pleasures that you looked forward to experiencing everyday
  • you woke up every morning feeling bright, energized, confident & full o’ joy – ready to face the world & make sh!t happen (instead of letting life happen to you)
  • you felt wholly nourished, supported & healthy – emotionally, physically & spiritually
  • you had a permanent, caffeine-like high (all-natural, of course) & all the energy you could ever need to build your big, audacious dreams
  • you were running laps around your goals, checking items off your bucket list with fervor
  • you knew exactly what you wanted from life & you were making it happen at lightning-speed
  • you stopped doubting yourself & started believing in your own power to create awesome things in the world

Sounds like a dream right?

Now. Let’s talk about how you’re living today.

There’s no spark (or sparkle) left in anything you do – and honestly, you’re sick of it.

It gets so bad that sometimes you imagine what it would be like to just say “TO HELL WITH IT!” , turn in your two week notice, launch a creative online business and jetset off to Bali or somewhere to do yoga, bathe in the warm sun & eat delicious whole food dinners by candlelight.

Instead: You feel handcuffed to the status quo.

And then you see other women who ARE out there living lives that take your breath away – they’re running six figure businesses from sandy beaches & creating juicy works of art (in whatever form that takes) that truly help people.

You don’t want what they have necessarily, but they remind you of everything you lack - and what you CRAVE. Like freedom & creativity; better health & an active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, that kinda looks like a pipe-dream, OR at least a LOT of new shit to add to your already-lengthy to-do list. AND it’s overwhelming as hell!

You have no clue what move to make next.

So instead you’re white knuckling it through life & trying to convince yourself that you can settle for things the way they are.

Lady, I want more for you.

I've been there, done that

And I have an inkling you do too.

Hey there, soul sister. I’m Catherine Ruddell (Click here to read my bio), I’m a full-time worker & full-time creative. And I’ve been there and done that.

I help women like you make their lives more vibrant, juicy and inspired, RIGHT NOW, AS IS. I encourage you to put your excuses for not living the life you want on the shelf & help you get clear on your true life purpose. (That’s big stuff, for sure.)

But, for real: I know how you feel when you see other women rocking their lives & businesses. You kinda believe that if only you could launch your own, all your problems would magically be solved. Poof! No more self loathing; no more boredom. No more lack.

Everything feels so blah that you can’t really think of any other way out.

Good news: You’re not alone – and that’s where I come in.

Basically, I’m a pro at cooking up creative ways for women to TAKE CARE of themselves – things that can easily fit into a busy schedule that are also FUN to do – so they can stop that I-so-should-have-had-this-all-figured-out-yesterday brain rant, for good.

Truth is: You’ve gotta get your basic needs taken care of if you want to live a life that feels fulfilling, exciting & creative.

How do I know this? Here’s a little story:

I can’t remember a time I didn’t want to be an artist. Since sporting pigtails & exclusively drawing horses, I had dreams of becoming a thriving creative. And not so long ago, I scrapped my day job and rearranged my whole life to work from home and create soul-stirring works on canvas.

And honestly, I did a damn good job. I did everything by-the-book and by all appearances, I was “successful.”

But even then, there was an eensy weensy problem. Becoming a full time artist - while wonderful in many respects - did NOT magically make my life better. I was incredibly (& consistently) overwhelmed, and I started to commit the greatest sin a woman can: I neglected myself & my basic needs in favor of my “art.”

It was twisted, really. I ended up right back at the spot I thought I had run away from! I wasn’t honoring my personal values, and I certainly wasn’t using my talents & gifts to my highest ability (considering I could barely take care of myself!)

This lop-sided living took it’s toll on me in a ton of ways, depending on what I was focusing on or ignoring at any given time – but above all, it made me feel like I couldn’t get it right - no matter what I tried.

And then one day I kinda just gave up – and decided that it was do-or-die time.

I had to start paying attention to my basic needs, or I was gonna book myself a teary-eyed one-way ticket to Burnout-Ville.

And since deciding to put me first?

My life has flourished.

I have a new 9-5 I love (which allows me to fulfill one of my basic needs - engaging with my real-life community) while also pursuing a side hustle I’m passionate about - helping women who currently spend way too much time in the place I used to be. Win-win.

So, lesson number one? Launching a business, while fabulous, isn’t a magic bullet that’ll solve all your problems.

Don’t get me wrong: It’s important to do work we love. But it’s MORE IMPORTANT to take care of ourselves along the way. Once you’ve got the self care piece locked & loaded, THEN you can focus on creating great work.


If you’re doubting your place in life, feel like your creativity-well has all but dried up and truly can’t fathom dragging your heels through another day full of the same-old, same-old...I’ve created a program just for you.

  • It’s time to re-charge your routine with things that make you feel empowered.
  • It’s time to stop imagining a life brimming with creative expression & start living it.
  • It’s time to start thriving and stop simply surviving!

It’s time to get your *sparkle* back, baby.


Soulful & Sparkling:

A Creative Self-Care Retreat

Re-charge your routine with healthy habits & re-connect with your passion for life!

In this 4 week online workshop, you’ll learn how to create juicy new health habits & enticing new routines that turbocharge your life with passion, purpose & a much-needed dose o’ vibrance. You’ll discover my tried-and-true methods for reconnecting with your passion for life and the deeply-held desires you’ve (almost) packed away.

Together, we’ll take a serious look at your day-to-day life & figure out where you could use a massive injection of awesome.

You’ll walk away with a tangible vision for your life that’s everything you always wanted for yourself - and more.

Here’s a little sampling of some of the fascinating things you’ll soak up in just four weeks:

  • how what we eat & how we treat our bodies affects every aspect of how they work for - or against - us
  • how your past experiences & accomplishments shape your future – and why who we are “supposed” to become is who we’ve been all along (#truth)
  • how the deeply-ingrained stories we tell ourselves either hold us back or slingshot us forward - & what you can do to re-write yours for your greatest good
  • how to dig deep inside and figure out what your heart truly aches for – and then breathe life into these desires by turning ‘em into actionable next steps
  • how having a clear-cut vision for your future helps you reach your goals quicker than you can even imagine
Here’s what you’ll receive:
  • Weekly emails & lessons coupled with a mind-bending activity or challenge created to help you implement that week’s lesson so you’re not just learning, but doing
  • Gorgeous printable PDF calendars & scheduling tools to help build new activities & habits into your day/week in a fun & playful way
  • Weekly “Date Night” challenges, where you choose one FUN thing that you want to do for yourself – and you’re held accountable to it. Think: A quick jaunt to the art gallery to scope the latest exhibit, hitting up a movie/coffee shop of your choice, enjoying a warm, bubbly bath with a good book, or grabbing your (dusty) sketchbook & getting back into nature (finally.)
  • Exclusive Facebook Community – You’ll receive immediate access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with kindred souls, reach out for support & give us the scoop on all the fabulous progress you’re making toward living a life that lights you up
By the end of the course, you’ll:
  • know what the hell you really want out of life (and how to get it)
  • have a daily/weekly routine you absolutely love & more excitement for living than you know what to do with
  • have an unbreakable trust in the universe that things will work out “right” – no matter what

Let me share something else most people don’t talk about: Everything happens so that we find ourselves exactly where we are – and where we are? Is exactly where we need to be.

But you want to change, you say! We all do, it’s human nature. But let’s get real: Change starts RIGHT HERE & NOW. Each of us has the power to make BIG changes – but like the famous quote by Lao Tzu tells us, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Let me show you how to take the single step that will change your life.

P.S. You know you can’t waste another day living someone else’s version of success, can you? You’ve got an artist inside you & she’s screaming for release. What are you going to do to ensure you make the mark you’re supposed to make on the world? No matter if you sign up for this program or not, I want you to know that you’ve gotta take care of yourself. It’s imperative - and you’ll never get where you wanna be without a (lotta) self lovin’.